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Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Buckingham County, Virginia

The Boatwright family was instrumental in the formation and organization of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church. On September 22, 1838, the church conference met to form a separate and independent church. Elder Smith was moderator of the conference and William Boatwright was elected clerk. Elder Smith was called as the first pastor and Thomas Boatwright and Orson Martin were elected the first deacons. Members present at the conference included Reuben Boatwright, Sr., Reuben Boatwright, Jr., William Boatwright and Isaiah A. Boatwright.

At first, the church occassionally worshipped in homes of members but mostly in an arbor on four acres of land believed to have been given to the church by Thomas Boatwright.

Mt. Zion Baptist Church: Mt. Zion Baptist Church:

Mt. Zion Baptist Church - 1856

Mt. Zion is said to be the second oldest Baptist organization in the country. The first church was known as "Zion" and was located about 1 mile south-east of New Canton, at what is now known as "Liberty", an African-American church that was erected on the old Zion site. Why Zion was moved is not definitely known but it has been said by some of the oldest inhabitants in that community it was because it was so close to the village of New Canton, and at that time there were several churches in the village.

Funds were raised and the new church was erected and dedicated on the fifth Sunday of August 1856, a much larger and better church than the first. The church was to cost no less than $2,000 and was financed by Thomas Boatwright. He was to be reimbursed in three installments when the church collected the money.

The pews are said to have been brought from the old church, and are of the old box type. The present paster says they are the most uncomfortable seat he had ever tried to sit on, and thought they were made in the days when services lasted several hours, and no one could possibly go to sleep during the services on those pews. They are thought to be over 100 years old.

The first pastor that served at this church (the new building) was known through the country as "Parson Taylor." He served there for forty years, and requested that he be buried in front of the church he had served so faithfully. His request was granted and one may see his grave today, marked with a plain slate marker, directly in front of "Mt. Zion Church" and only a few feet from the door. In the church is an enlarged picture of "Parson Taylor."

SOURCE: Rosa Williams, Dillwyn, Virginia, Feb. 9, 1937.

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