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Boat(w)right Family Genealogy in America




Thomas Boatwright Craven County Deeds

# 352, Vol 3W, SC Deeds, SC Archives, reproduced from microfilm
Dated 9-20-1770, Recorded 10-21-1771 Craven County SC
Thomas Boatwright Sr. to Thomas Boatwright Jr.

Thomas Botewright Sen. :
                      :    This Indenture made this 20 September in
          To          :
                      :    the year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven
Thomas Botewright Jun. :
                      :    Hundred Seventy Between Thomas Botewright Sen.
of the County of Craven in the Province of South Carolina of the one part and Thomas 
Botewright Jun. of the same Place of the other part, Witnesseth that the said Thomas 
Botewright Sen. for and in consideration of the sum of One Thousand Pounds current money 
of the Province of South Carolina aforesaid to him in hand paid by the said Thomas Botewright 
Junr, before the Ensealing and delivery hereof of the receipt whereof he doth hereby 
acknowledge and himself to be therewith fully satisfied contented and paid, Hath Granted 
Bargained sold aliened Enfeoff conveyed and confirmed and by these presents doth freely and 
absolutely Grant Bargain Sell alien Enfeoff convey and confirm unto the said Thomas Botewright 
Junr One Hundred Acres of land lying on Thomsons Creek beginning at the upper part of the 
said land being part of a large Survey granted to Thomas Botewright Senr by his Excellency 
Thomas Boon Esq., Captain General Governor & Commander over said Province and bearing date 
20 day of December 1762 in Craven County aforesaid, Together with all the profits, privileges, 
advantages to the same belonging or in anywise appertaining to and to hold all and singular 
the above granted and Bargained Promises and every part and parcel thereof to him the said 
Thomas Botewright Junr and to his Heirs and Assigns and against the Claims and Demands of any 
Person or Persons Whatsoever, shall & will Warrant and Defend to the said Thomas Botewright 
Junr, his Heirs and assigns for ever.  In Witness whereof the said Thomas Botewright Senr 
hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his Seal the day and year first within and above 

Signed, Sealed and Delivered          :
In the presence of us Danl. Lunday     :
                                      :           Thos Botewright L.S.
                            His       :
                      Simon  S  Lunday:
                           Mark       :

Craven County.  This may Certif. that Daniel Lunday personally came before me and made oath 
that he saw Thomas Botewright Senr Sign, Seal and Deliver the within Instrument of writing as 
his act and Deed for the Uses and Purposes within contained and that he saw Simon Lunday sign 
as a Witness thereunto and also sign his own name as a Subscriber & Witness.

Sworn before me this 21 Decr 1770
                                                  Thos Wade

Recorded and Examined this 21 Day of October 1771.
                                        Henry Rugeley Register

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