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Boat(w)right Family Genealogy in America




Indenture used as a Will by Thomas Boatwright Sr., dated 8-15-1776,
Recorded on 8-16-1776, Cheraw District, Craven County SC.

Pgs 441 & 442 Misc. Estate Records 1774 - 1779, obtained from SC Archives.

This indenture made the 15th day of August in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred 
& Seventy Six between Thomas Boatwright (Sen.) of the County of Craven in the Province of South 
Carolina, Planter, of the one part and William Boatwright, son of the said Thomas Boatwright, 
of the County and Province afd of the other part - WITNESSETH that the said Thomas Boatwright, 
as well, for, and in consideration of the natural love and affection which he beareth unto his 
sd son Wm Boatwright, as also of the sum of five pounds current money, of the aforesaid 
Province, to him in hand paid by the sd Wm Boatwright, he the sd  Thomas Boatwright, hath 
given, granted and confirmed, & by these presents doth give grant & confirm unto the sd Wm 
Boatwright_______ all that stock of horses & mares having br the name of _______ Boatwright 
now running at large in the af _____________ branded, with a figure of six as also all my meat 
cattle marked with a swallow fork & a nick in the left ear, the right ear, whole.  One feather 
bed & furniture, as well also all & singular my household furniture in what place or places so 
ever the same, shall be found, as well in his own possession and custody, as in the custody or 
possession of any other person or persons what so ever, as they now are, or which at any time 
here after during the life of the sd Thomas Boatwright may be ___________reased.  To have & to 
hold all and singular, the said horses meat cattle & all other, the premises afsd unto the said 
Wm Boatwright his Executors, Administrators & Assigns for ever, provided always, and upon 
condition that the said Wm Boatwright, his Executors, Adm. & Assigns, do & shall permit & 
suffer him the sd Thomas Boatwright to have hold, use, occupy, possess, and enjoy the sd 
horses meat cattle and all & singular the premises within granted for and during so long time 
as the sd Thomas Boatwright and Margaret his wife, shall happen to live and the sd Thomas 
Boatwright for himself, his Executors and Administrators, doth covenant and agree to & with sd 
William Boatwright his Executors and Administrators, by & under the conditions afsd not 
otherwise, shall & may peaceably & quietly, have, hold, and enjoy all & singular the horses 
meat cattle & premises afsd in manner afsd without any molestation hindrance or interruption, 
by any person or persons what so ever, claiming under him or by his act means or procurement, 
IN WITNESS whereof I the sd Thomas Boatwright, have here unto put my hand and seal the day & 
year first within written.

Signed Sealed & Delivered

In presence of -

Daniel Lundy              :
Rachel Hendrick           :

Thomas Boatwright (Seal)

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