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A letter formerly in the possession of Dr. Sophia Boatwright Brunson
To the Family of the late James Boatwright

City Clerk's Office    Columbia  May 13th, 1857

   B.T. Boatwright, Esq.
   Dr. Jno. H. Boatwright, and
   Others of the family of the
   late James Boatwright

     At a Special meeting of the "City Council of Columbia" held this day, the following 
"Preamble & Resolutions" were unanimously adopted, and I was instructed to furnish you with 
a copy of the same:  Permit me then, in the discharge of that sad duty, to express to you - 
each & all - my heartfelt sympathy in your sad bereavement, and to assure you, that the 
Memory & Virtues of that good & honest man - Kind & indulgent father - true & faithful 
friend - & honorable, upright & cherished Citizen - (whose transition from time to eternity, 
you, more especially, are called upon to mourn) are honored & will be remembered & cherished 
by all of us, who - while he was living - knew him but to love him - The Preamble & 
Resolutions are as follows -

     "Whereas the Mayor & Aldermen of the 'City of Columbia' have heard of the death of Mr. 
James Boatwright the Oldest citizen of the Municipality, venerated for the numerous and 
distinguished virtues which adorned a long life of usefulness, goodness & integrity, and 
loved by the whole body of the community in which he had displayed, for nearly three 
quarters of a century, exalted excellence of character nowhere surpassed, Be it therefore - 
'Resolved' As a mark of Public respect - for the deceased, and an expression of public 
sympathy for the loss of one so deservedly cherished in the public heart - That the City 
Bell be tolled at intervals of thirty seconds, for half an hour before the hour of the 
funeral and during the time the funeral cortege shall be moving to the place of interment.

"Resolved"  That, as a further mark of respect for this good & virtuous Citizen, that the 
Mayor & Aldermen, attended by their Officers in badges of mourning, in a body, attend the 
funeral obeisance and join in the funeral procession.

"Resolved"  That a copy of these proceedings be furnished to the family of the deceased - 
And that they be published in the City papers.

-- From the Minutes --

D. B. Miller
City Clerk

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