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Estate Records Of Benjamin Boatwright July 17, 1816

Powhatan County Will Book 5, Page 105

Benjamin died 6-13-1816 intestate.  William Blackburn, Uncle of Elizabeth Blackburn, Widow 
of Benjamin, and George Mosely accompanied her to Powhatan County Court where she was 
appointed Administratrix.

POWHATAN COUNTY : Know all men by these presents, that we Eliza-
VIRGINIA        : beth Boatwright, George Moseley, and Wm. Blackburn,

are held and firmly bound unto Thomas Miller, John H. Steger, Jesse Hughes, and Littleberry 
H. Mosby, Gentlemen, Justices of the County of Powhatan, now sitting, in the just and full 
sum of Five Thousand Dollars: to the payment whereof, well and truly to be made to the said 
Justices, or their successors, we bind ourselves, and each of us, our, and each of our heirs, 
executors, and Administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents: Sealed with 
our seals and dated this 17th day of July 1816, in the 41st year of the Commonwealth.

The condition of the above obligation is such, that if the said Elizabeth Boatwright, 
Administratrix of the goods, chattels, and credits of Benjamin Boatwright, deceased, do 
make a true and perfect inventory of all and singularly the goods, chattels, and credits 
of the said de-ceased, which have; or shall come to the hands, the possession or know-ledge 
of her, the said Administratrix, or into the hands or possession of any other person or 
persons for her, and the same so made do exhibit into the said County Court of Powhatan, 
when she shall be thereto required by the said Court; and such goods, chattels, and credits 
do well and truly administer according to law; and further do make a just and true account 
of her actings and doings therein, rest of the said goods, chattels, and credits, which 
shall be found remaining upon the account of the said Administratrix, the same being first 
examined and allowed by the Justices of the said Court, for the time being, shall deliver 
and pay unto such persons respectively, as are entitled to the same by law; 
and if it shall hereafter appear, that any last will and testament was made by the deceased, 
and the same be proved in Court, and the executor obtain a certificate of Probate thereof, 
and the said Elizabeth Boatwright do in such case, being required, render and deliver up her 
Letters of Administration, then the above obligation to be void, else to remain in full force.

Signed, sealed and acknowledged :
in presence of Powhatan County  :     Elizabeth Boatwright (Seal)
Court and ordered to be recorded:     George Moseley       (Seal)
                                :         His
                                :     Wm.  X  Blackburn    (Seal)
                                :         Mark

Page 122, Will Book 5, Powhatan County VA: Benjamin Boatwright's Appraisement: An Inventory and appraisement of the estate of a personal kind belonging to Benjamin Boatwright, decd lately of Powhatan County VA, to wit: 1 Negro man Nelson $500.00 (Willed by James to William) 1 D_______Len 500.00 (probably Darkie) 1 Negro Woman Grace 300.00 1 Negro Child Archer 200.00 1 D______ Daniel 150.00 1 D______ George 100.00 (Willed by James to Benjamin) Follows itemized household, livery and farming goods.
Page 124, Will Book 5, Powhatan County VA: In obedience to an order of the worshipful the Court of Powhatan County, we, the undersigned, being first sworn, having viewed and appraised the personal estate of Benjamin Boatwright decd and find it to consist of the articles above specifyed, and of the value above stated. Given under our hands this 16th day of August in the year 1816. Peter Dupery John Maxey Jun (Jr) Joseph B. Davis At a Court of monthly sessions holden for the County of Powhatan on the 21st day of August 1816. This appraisement of the personal estate of Benjamin Boatwright deceased was presented in Court and was by the Court ordered to be recorded. Wm S. Dance, C.
Without prior approval of the Court, Elizabeth moved the family and Estate Property of Benjamin to Kentucky; leaving her Uncle William Blackburn responsible under bond to the Court for administration of the Estate, and without the ability to perform. William Blackburn took legal action to protect his bond. To the Honorable Judge of the Garrard (County KY) Circuit Court in Chancery sitting, the orator, William Blackburn, complaining, showeth unto your honor that Benjamin Boatright, late of Powhatan County Virginia, departed this life intestate on the day of June, 1816 in said County of Powhatan, and on the 17th day of July 1816, Elizabeth Boatright, his widow, who is made defendant hereto, qualified as his Administratrix in the County Court of said County and then and there entered into an Administration Bond with George Mosely and your orator, as her securities in the penalty of 5,000 dollars a copy of which bond for greater certainty is here exhibited marked Exhibit A. The personal estate constituting appoints and then have aforesaid addition was appraised to 2,674.60 dollars as will appear by reference to a certified copy of said appraisement here exhibited and marked B. Decedent at his death left the following children, the following heirs to wit: Martha, James, William, Eliza, Allen, RhodeAnne, Lucy, and Benjamin Boatright. The last five of whom are infants. About three years ago, said Administrator, with the said children, who are also made defendants, removed to Garrard County, in Kentucky, without having returned any Inventory of said estate, or have made any settlement thereof with the County Court of Powhatan, that he knows of, and bringing with her all or most of the said estate, or its proceeds, she made no allotment for distribution of said estate among said children, but is managing and disposing of the same, as if it were her own. Your orator is apprehensive that said estate may be wasted or illegally and improvidently managed to his eventual injury as security as aforesaid. By removal to Kentucky said Elizabeth has become unexcessible by the County Court of Powhatan. In this perdicament your orator does not only endanger of ultimate liability and loss as security but is removeless except in your Court of Chancery. In tender consideration whereof and as he is remidiless at law, he prays interposition of your Honor he prays that defendant may be compelled to answer this bill. He prays that you will restrain by interposition from sellers or otherwise, putting out of her hands said property or any part thereof until this bill be heard and disposed of, he prays that on the final hearing your Honor will make said injunction perpetual or take said estate out of the possession of said Administrator unless you will indemnify your orator aforesaid any liability as security as aforesaid, that you will compel said heirs to make distribution among them-selves of the said estate liable to such distribution or waive any claim hereafter on your orator as security as aforesaid. And that you will grant such other and faithful relief as may be just and proper. William Blackburn G. Robertson, as Council

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