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Bedford County VA, Deed Book 15, Page 1098
Power of Attorney; Anna, John B., Polly, Betsy, and James Wade and Drewry Boatright
to Josiah Rice 11-25-1817

Note the right margin was obliterated when microfilming this tightly bound book.

KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that we Anney:               (John B.?)
Wade, Polly Wade, and Betsy Wade and Drewry Boatright:        (James?)
Wade of the State of Georgia and County of Elbert having constituted:
appointed and by these presents do constitute and appoint our:(loving)
friend Josiah Rice of the state and county aforesaid our:      (true?)
lawful attorney for us and in our name and stead and to our:
and dispose of to any person or persons and to make riles to all:
tract or parcel of land lying in the State of Virginia and County(Bed)
containing 105 acres more or less do everything that is needful and:
to be done respecting said land for us and in our names to do:
perform fully and comply to all intents and purposes as we:
might or could do if we ourselves were present personally or as if:
matter required more special authority than is hereby given for: (the?)
purpose aforesaid.  In witness whereof we have set our hands and(seals?
this 25th day of November 1817.

In presence of        :                            her
                      :                        Anna X Wade
                      :                            mark
Wm Dooley, JP         :
                      :                        John B. Wade
Patrick W? Muslau?, JP:                        Polly Wade

                                               Betsy Wade

                                               James X Wade

                                               Drewry Boatright

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