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Boat(w)right Family Genealogy in America




Indenture, Drewry and Anna Boatwright

Georgia       :
Elbert County :

    I, Bailey M. Woods,  Clerk  of  the  Inferior  Court  of: (Elbert)
County do hereby certify that William Dooley and  Patrick W. Mullen:
who have attested this power of attorney are  Justices of the Peace:
County duly commissioned and qualified and that  accorded faith and:
are due their official attestations as such-given under my hand and:
of said County at office the 25th day of November 1817.

Seal                                     Bailey M. Wods, Clk

Georgia : : Elbert County : I, John Upshaw as presiding Judge of the Inferior) Court of said County do certify that Bailey M. Woods is Clerk of: Court of said County and has been duly commissioned as such: all due faith and credit ought to be given to his attestations: that the foregoing is in due form of law as witnesses my hand this: day of November 1817. John Upshaw
Bedford Clerks Office, January 26th 1818. This Power of Attorney from Anney Wade & others to Josiah Rice was certified from the County of Elbert and: of Georgia & thereupon admitted to record. John Steptoe
Deed Book 15, Page 1098 THIS INDENTURE made this 12th day of December Eighteen Hun: Seventeen between Josiah Rice the same of Georgia and Elbert County acting: as attorney in fact and form according to law dated Nov 25 Eight: hdrd and Seventeen, given and signed by Anny Wade (late: Joshua Wade decd of Bedford County Virginia, John Wade: Betsy Wade and James Wade, minor by his Security Drewry: all of the State of Georgia and County of Elbert, heirs of Joshua: of Bedford County Virginia of the one part and Jacob A. Early: County of Campbell and State of Virginia of the other: for and in consideration of the sum of Three Hundred and Ninety Dollars: Rice whereof this receipt - I the sd Rice do by virtue of: attorney relinquished, Sell, Deliver and Confirm unto said: forever one certain tract or parcel of land containing: and five acres, more or less, lying and being in the County: and State of Va. upon the East side of Lick Run Cr Lucy Callaway & Others: Remainder not readable.
Note: Lucy Callaway may have been the wife of James Callaway who examined Mary Boatwright when she relinquished her dower.

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