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Last Will and Testament of William Boatwright
Bk 1, Pg 185; Document shows Bk 1, Pg 143, Pickens District

SOUTH CAROLINA    :   October the twenty-seventh, the year of our
PICKENS DISTRICT  :   Lord eighteen hundred and fifty.

The last will and testament of William Boatright of the State and District aforesaid - in the 
first place I desire to be decently buried and that all my just debts should be paid, in the
next place I give and bequeath to my son Abner Boatright a certain portion of my land during 
my wife Elizabeth Boatright lifetime that is all the lower part from a cross fence including 
the house I now live in and orchard.

Thirdly, I desire my son Abner to rent out all the land above the said cross fence and the 
said rent go to the support of my wife during her life, and if anything be left over for him 
to make sale of it and give the proceeds to his mother.  I also desire my son Abner to repair 
and make comfortable the house that George Towery now occupies for the use of my wife 
Elizabeth.  All my household furniture I give to my wife to dispose of as she thinks proper 
and at her death all the above mentioned land must be sold and also all the property that she 
is possessed of and equally divided amongst all my children, Viz - Nancy Moss, Ruthy, Sherly, 
Abner Boatright, Charity Ellard, Anny Clinton, Drusilla Davidson, Mary Crow, William Boatright, 
Francis Towery, Elizabeth Quinn, Sarah Vandiver.

I do also appoint and request Abner Boatright, Marcus T. Trimmier to execute this my last will 
and testament given under my hand this 27th day of October 1850.

In the presence of                                     His
F.H. Hall                                          Wm.  X   Boatright.
John Weaver                                            Mark
M.T. Trimmier

SOUTH CAROLINA : PICKENS DISTRICT : PERSONALLY appeared before me W.D. Steele, Ordinary Pickens District, John Weaver and made oath that he was present & did see William Boatright sign the within (by marking his mark) as his last will and testament. That F.H. Hall & M.T. Trimmier were subscribing witnesses to the same with himself in the presence of the Testator. SWORN to before this 21st February, 1851. John Weaver. W.D. Steele, O.P.D. [John Moss/Nancy Boatright's dau m Wm E.C. Vandivier 2-3-1856; Albert Y.N. Vandievier was Son-in-law of William Moss (Will 1851)].

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