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Boat(w)right Family Genealogy in America

RESEARCH NOTES 1981 - 1989






This compilation of data is the formalization of my notes taken while researching for the ancestors of William Boatright. William was born in about 1774. He is in the 1810 Franklin Co GA Census. He married Elizabeth Tyner, daughter of Richard Tyner.

As I researched, I recorded information about all of the Boatrights (various spellings) that I found in VA, NC, SC, GA, TN and other Southern States. If information was provided on Boatrights anywhere, I added it to the compilation. All of this data was entered into the computer. I frequently found information that conflicted with other information I had found. No attempt was made to reconcile these conflicts unless it pertained to my own genealogy research objective. If I found the conflicting data, others will find the conflicts too. They are recorded together to be resolved by those researching that particular line. It is important to remember that this is a raw data collection; nothing should be accepted as fact except perhaps the Documentation transcriptions.

My files became voluminous, and a decision was made not to include source data. The information provides in most cases a date, place, person and event. Given this information, the researcher should be able to locate primary documentation if it exists. After running out of file cabinet drawer space, all notes taken by hand were destroyed. So what you see is what you get. I can not provide any additional information.

The information is recorded under columns as shown below:

1ST         EST             EVENT      T     YEAR OF
NAME        YOB      POB    COUNTY     E      EVENT      EVENT/COMMENT

The First Name of the (Boatright, Boatwright, Bootwright, Botwite, ect.) individual is listed alphabetically. The sirname spelling may be given under the event/comment title.

The Estimated Year of Birth (YOB) is exactly that, an estimate made to indicate to me possible generations. If that source provided an actual date of birth it will be shown under the Events/Comments title.

The Place of Birth (POB) is given if that source provided a place of birth, or if several sources provided corroboration, and inserting the information helped me identify data pertaining to the same individual. Sometimes it was difficult to identify data with a specific individual; particularly with common given names such as John, James and William.

The Event County is the County the source identified as the location where the event took place. Counties changed names, and sources sometimes identified later names for locations; some were found to be incorrect.

The State column is always the same for that State, and might at first seem superfluous, but you will find when researching the book that a question comes to mind if the information reviewing corresponded with a finding in another State; I found the ever present identification of the State particularly helpful.

The Year of Event column provides the sources identification of the year the event took place. This might be the year a will was dated or recorded; not necessarily the same year. On occasion, not often, a year was inserted when two deed entries for the same year bracketed a deed the source did not provide a date, but the Bk Pg number of the bracketing deeds clearly fixed the year not provided. Following the year is a single lower case letter. This letter permitted me to scan down the column to locate a marriage, land en-try, death, etc.. Identification of these codes follows this Forward.

The Event/Comment column provided me with data necessary to later research that entry should the individual be identified in my line. If I did not have a primary document, but had someone's extract of genealogy from a Will, it will be found here but not in the Documents part of the book. Short Deed data from primary documents were recorded here rather than enlarging the Document section.

Should a family researcher come across information concerning my William Boatright or wife Elizabeth, I will appreciate getting that information.

Norman Hurd Ricker, Jr.
653 Riviera Bay Drive NE
St. Petersburg, FL 33702


           a = Appraisal or administration of estate
           b = Birth
           c = Census
           d = Death
           l = Entry in Deed Book or other land record; can be mortgage data
           m = Marriage
           w = Will exists, existed or possibly exists
           p = Pension or possible pension
           r = Residence
           t = Tax Record
           i = Inventory of estate
           + = Sometime after the year
           - = Sometime before the year


              * = Son or Daughter
              / = Relationship of individual not identified
              - = Simply points out the entry


			 Alabama            	Louisiana
			 Arkansas           	Mississippi 
			 Florida            	Missouri
			 Georgia            	North Carolina 
			 Illinois           	Ohio 
			 Indiana            	South Carolina    
			 Iowa               	Tennessee
			 Kansas             	Texas
			 Kentucky           	Virginia 


                     Anna - Power of Attorney (VA/GA - 1817/1818)
                     Anna - Indenture (VA/GA)

                     Anna - Revolutionary War Pension (VA/GA)

                     Benjamin - Estate (VA - 7/17/1816)

                     Daniel - Will (VA - 4/21/1797)

                     Drewry - Power of Attorney (VA/GA - 1817/1818)

                     Drewry - Indenture (VA/GA)

                     Egbert G. - Obituary (IO - 7/30/1914)

                     James - Will (VA - 1/10/1814)

                     James - Funeral (SC - 5/13/1857)

                     James - Devisee (GA - 9/8/1836)

                     John - Deed (SC - 2/12/1774)

                     John C. D. - Grant (SC - 2/7/1859)

                     John - Pension (VA - 4/15/1833)

                     John - Grant (VA - 10/31/1797)

                     Lewis - Pension (GA/MS)

                     Reuben - History (VA - 3/17/1905)

                     Thomas - Estate (SC - 8/15/1776)

                     Thomas - Deed (SC - 9-12-1770)

                     William - Deed (VA - 7/27/1801)

                     William - Deed (VA - 10/25/1802)

                     William - Deed (GA - 2/17/1803)

                     William - Will (GA/SC - 10/27/1850)

                     William - Pension (GA)

                     William - Deed (SC - 9/20/1770)

                     William V. - History (MO)

Boatwright/Boatright Family Genealogy Website
created by George Boatright,
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last modified: March 20, 2006


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