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Samuel Joseph Boatwright

Samuel Joseph Boatwright Gravestone

Samuel Joseph Boatwright: October 30, 1822 - May 1, 1886

Samuel is buried in the Boatwright/Hudgins Family Cemetery at Bolling Springs on Hwy 15 in Buckingham County, Virginia. "Sam" shares a headstone with his wife, Mary Elizabeth Hudgins Boatwright and son, Thomas Frederick "Fred" Boatwright. The headstone is inscribed: "In Memory of... Father... AT REST", "Mother... ASLEEP IN JESUS". "Brother...FAREWELL"
Footstones are inscribed: "S.J.B.", "M. E. B." and "FRED".

Note: All three died within one year of each other.

Bolling Springs originally was a part of the Bolling tract of land which extended over a great part of the eastern end of Buckingham County. Indians, hunters and travelers used the old spring from which the place takes its name.

The Williams family secured the land from the Bollings and Alfred Hudgins was overseer. A great granddaughter has papers showing that while he was overseer he bought coffee @ 5 cents per pound, a dress for 75 cents, and a casket for $3.00. He married Mary Elizabeth Williams and their son, W. T. Hudgins bought 200 acres when his father had financial difficulties. An advertisement of this sale dated December 13, 1869 is also in the possession of a descendent.

The older part of the house dates from 1748. Originally it was a tavern about 5 miles away in New Canton. The house was relocated to the present site around 1800. The newer part was built in 1906. The house is white clapboard. Inside the house is traditionally arranged with a wide center hall and rooms on each side. Each room has a fireplace and the mantels are all different. Wainscoting is three feet wide in the hall, stairwell, and some of the downstairs rooms.

Source: "The Courthouse Burned", Pennington and Scott, 1977.

Bolling Springs Sketch

Bolling Springs

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